Seller finance

In general, most sellers want to be paid immediately when they sell their business. However, the reality is that you also need some assurance from the existing business owner that their predictions about the future of the business are accurate.  So you can discuss the idea of paying for the business in instalments and sometimes you can also negotiate that the instalments are linked to the performance of the business.
Here are some benefits to Seller Finance:  
The seller hasn't obtained all their money for the business, so essentially still has a claim in it.This can make for a less risky transition of ownership.
As soon as you have paid off your sum, they will no longer have a stake.  Until then though, it is within the seller's interest to ensure the business continues to run smoothly until they have received all their money.
While you are paying off the business in instalments, you will be busy learning and understanding your new business and you can benefit from the seller's expertise.
Seller Finance is definitely worth exploring as it reduces your risks.  It can be extremely useful to have an experienced adviser assist you with these negotiations, particularly if you haven’t done this before.

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