Government agencies for export research

The Department of Trade and Industry (the dti) provides the following incentives for local companies wishing to explore export markets.    You are able to apply for an individual trip or join a group mission as shown below:

Individual Incentive Schemes: 

  • Individual Exhibition (IE) and In-store Promotions (IP) 
  • Primary Market Research (PMR) and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) 
  • Individual Inward Mission (IIM) 
The process of claiming the incentives is as follows:  First you need to apply for the incentive of your choice, then pay for the trip and upon your return submit your claim according to the benefits listed below.
  • Economy class return airfare 100% of the costs to a maximum of R17 000.
  • Subsistence allowance to a maximum of R2 300 per day subject to a minimum of 2 confirmed appointments per day, for a maximum of 10 days per trip.  Note:  If the appointments are missed during the trip, the allowance grant falls away.  To encourage trade in North, West and East Africa, the subsistence allowance increases to R2 500 per day.
  • Transportation of Sample or Promotional Materials.  Up to a maximum of R1 500 per trip can be claimed.
  • Promotional Material.  Up to R3 500 can be claimed to assist with the costs associated with designing and printing export marketing materials. 
You can apply for this incentive scheme through any of the Provincial Investment Promotion Agencies listed below.  In fact, these agencies are a useful resource for potential exporters as they also offer export training, marketing information on various countries and if you elect to join a trade mission, they will arrange meetings with key industry players.

Provincial Investment Promotion Agencies (PIPAS):

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